the I Am Second® movement, we've compiled a few of our own testimonies of how the love of Jesus can overcome any circumstance in life – be it illness, anger, disappointment, loss, or failure – His Love Never Fails! View videos

all I ever wanted was for my dad to love me. I lived my life doing everything in my power to be a good girl and to do everything right. I thought he would be proud of me, and in my mind, love me. I used to watch Laura Ingalls in the TV show, "Little House on the Prairie." Oh, how I longed for a relationship with my dad read more

THE_LAST_DAYS  The End Times. Armageddon. The Second Coming. You may have noticed that the past few years has seen a heightened interest in the above subjects increasing steadily as we've entered the twenty-first century. Hollywood has pumped out blockbuster after blockbuster about worldwide cataclysmic events. read more

WHY_WE_SING  Why do people sing? Have you ever asked yourself that question? Throughout every nation, from the most primitive tribes to the most highly advanced cultures, song and music are defining characteristics of the people. Likewise the different styles of song and music throughout the world vary as widely as do the cultures.
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