This web site is produced and hosted by Jubilee! Christian Fellowship. It is one of our labors of love, whether it's through producing materials for the site, through prayer and fasting or through a simple word of encouragement, we all participate in making this site useful and available to our visitors.

Contributing Writers (in alphabetical order):
William Booth
Dwain Clark
Keith Davis (articles used by permission)
Jamie Gaylor
Micah Gaylor
Martin Green
Phoebe Green
Caleb Heller
Dave Heller
Erskine Holt (articles used by permission)
Bob Jones (articles used by permission)
Eric Kirk
Evelyn Kirk
Lisa Kirk
RC Kirk
Elizabeth Kourkoulis
Linda Kourkoulis
Sarah Kourkoulis
Thomas Kourkoulis
Deborah Maniatty
Grace Elizabeth Maniatty
John Maniatty
Steve Morse
Charity Tatro
Jeremy Tatro
Taramesha Tatro
Delmer “Tad” Twombly
Emily Susan Ward
Jan Ward
Roy Ward

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Creative Director, RC Kirk
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Note: The photography Eric has done is all from sources in and around our local community in north central Vermont. We have done this to try to give the site a more personal identity and to reflect a little bit of the enviroment in which we live. We will try to update it as often as possible to keep it fresh and interesting for our visitors.